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[Wholesales: 500pcs] 2-Layer Cloth Face Mask. Non-Medical Grade / Reusable, Washable, Comfortable, Breathable / Made in Vietnam

[Wholesales: 500pcs] 2-Layer Cloth Face Mask. Non-Medical Grade / Reusable, Washable, Comfortable, Breathable / Made in Vietnam

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Product Name: 2-Layer Cloth Face Mask. Non-Medical Grade / Reusable, Washable, Comfortable, Breathable / Made in Vietnam

[Non-Medical Mask]

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500 pieces*
1,000 pieces*
5,000 pieces**
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*Free ship in US
** FOB: Ship from Vietnam 

NOTE: Wholesale at quantity more than 5,000 pcs is FOB term, not including shipping fee and insurance fee. Payment method:

  • L/C at sight.
  • TT before shipment.
  • Wholesale order will be shipped from VietNam.
  • Standard packaging of 5.

Packaging and product’s design can be modified in quantity more than 50,000 pcs.

Cloth face mask with 2 layers: Polyester mesh layer and Cotton fabric layer.


  • THIS IS NOT a homemade anti-dust face mask!  It is industrially made under an approved procedure by the Vietnam Ministry of health.

  • 100% made in Vietnam.

  • The Outer Layer: Made of 100% Polyester Mesh.

  • The Inner Layer: Made of 100% Cotton Fabric. This layer is soft, skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable.

  • The manufacturing process is guided and approved by Vietnamese Ministry of Health.    
  • Product’s benefits: Easy breath and Soft.
  • With the intelligent 3D design of the comfortable ear loops, this mask will never hurt your ears even if you wear it for a long time.
  • Reusable and Washable: The face mask offers washable ability without damaging the mask's form. The majority of dust, pollen, dirt can be flushed out after washing with cold water and soap.
  • Wide application: This face mask is ideal for both men and women, designed for multiple purposes such as cycling, camping, running, traveling, climbing, and daily use. Also, it can be worn for privacy purposes.
  • Ideal Gift: This lightweight face mask is a wise choice as a gift for your family and friends.
  • How to use: Face mask should snugly fit the sides of your face and allow room for breathing without restrictions. Mask should cover from the tip of your nose to your chin. Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth when removing face mask.
Is your current mask comfortable? Check these problems
  • When your ears get hurt  ➨That means the wrong size. 
  • When the covering slips off your face  ➨That means the wrong design. 
  • When you can not breathe easily  ➨That means poor material.

With V-SIXTYFOUR cloth face masks, we do not let those happen to you.

    NOTICE This product is not a medical device. This mask is not a replacement solution for Disposable Medical or Surgical Masks that are specified for the extreme high-risk of viruses in the hospital environment and laboratory. The seller is not responsible for any damage or infection may occur. This mask is recommended for daily usage only, for going to market, public, pharmacy, travelling,etc.


    • 2-layer Face Mask - Pack of 5.
    • Environmental friendly and Reusable cloth face masks.
    • Face mask with expandable ear loops for perfect fit and lasting comfort.
    • Unisex design for both women and men.
    • One size fits most for a 2-layer mask.
    • Perfect for traveling through congested airports, bus, malls, parks, public areas, etc.


    • Wash hands before  and after removing the mask.
    • Wear the mask covering both nose and mouth.
    • Wash mask after each use, in normal temperature water, using soap without detergent/luminescence (OPA). Dry at low heat.
    • Washable and Reusable multiple times.





      3 layers 2 layers
      6 Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL One size fits most (OSFM)

      5 Colors


      3 Colors


      Made in Vietnam Made in Vietnam

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